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Equipment Rentals and Sales

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Equipment For Rent:
Misc. Equipment:
Single Man Auger: $21/Hour, $105/Day, $315/Week, $945/Month

Log Splitter: $16/Hour, $80/Day, $240/Week, $720/Month

Bowie Hydro Seeder: $44/Hour, $220/Day, $660/Week, $1,980/Month

Mortar Mixer: $10/Hour, $50/Day, $150/Week, $450/Month

Concrete Mixer-Towable, $10/Hour, $50/Day, $150/week, $450/Month

Sand Blaster Pressure Pot: $38/Hour, $190/Day, $570/Week, $1,710/Month

Tile Scraper: $14.50/Hour, $72.50/Day, $217.50/Week, $652.50/Month

36" Shop Fan: $9/Hour, $45/Day, $135/Week, $405/Month

Electric Heater 220V 20,000BTU: $4/Hour, $20/Day, $60/Week, $180/Month

Propane Heater 30,000BTU (salamander): $5/Hour, $25/Day, $75/Week, $225/Month

Propane Heater 80,000BTU (Radiant Stand Up): $10/Hour, $50/Day, $150/Week, $450/Month

Flagro Duel Fuel Heater 1,000,000BTU: $23.50/Hour, $117/Day, $350/Week, $1,050/Month

Propane Bottle 5 and 7 Gallon: $1.40/Hour, $7/Day, $21/Week, $63/Month

Propane Bottle 25 Gallon: $2.70/Hour, $13.50/Day, $40.50/Week, $121.50/Month
​Pressure Washer 2000 PSI: $16/Hour, $80/Day, $240/Week, $720/Month

Pressure Washer 4000 PSI: $16/Hour, $80/Day, $240/Week, $720/Month

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer with Heat: $46/Hour, $230/Day, $690/Week, $2,070/Month

2" Submersible Pump: $9/Hour, $45/Day, $135/Week, $405/Month

2" Trash Pump: $20/Hour, $100/Day, $300/Week, $900/Month

3" Trash Pump: $26/Hour, $130/Day, $390/Week, $1,170/Month