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Equipment For Rent
Wacker G50- 40KW/53KVA: $32/Hour, $160/Day, $480/Week, $1,440/Month 

Wacker 54KW, $36/Hour, $180/Day, $540/Week, $1620/Month

11,000 Watt: $18/Hour, $90/Day, $270/Week, $810/Month

7500 Watt: $16/Hour, $80/Day, $240/Week, $720/Month

6500 Watt: $13/Hour, $65/Day, $195/Week, $585/Month

4500 Watt: $12/Hour, $60/Day, $180/Week, $585/Month

2000 Watt: $10/Hour, $50/Day, $150/Week, $450/Month

Spider Box: $7.60/Hour, $38/Day, $114/Week, $342/Month
Air Compressors and Jack Hammers
185 CFM Air Compressor: $25/Hour, $125/Day, $375/Week, $1,125/Month

Rol-Air Twin Tank: $10.50/Hour, $52.50/Day, $157.50/Week, $472.50/Month

90lb Air Operated Jack Hammer: $10/Hour, $50/Day, $150/Week, $450/Month

60lb Electric Jack Hammer: $17/Hour, $85/Day, $255/Week, $765/Month
Farm Equipment
Kubota L3200 4X4 Tractor: $37/Hour, $185/Day, $555/Week, $1,655/Month

Kubota L4600 4X4 Tractor: $44/Hour, $220/Day, $660/Week, $1,980/Month

Tractor Attachments:

6' Brush Hog Mower: $16/Hour, $80/Day, $240/Week, $720/Month

Box Blade with Rippers: $13.50/Hour, $68/Day, $204/Week, $612/Month 

Roto Tiller: $22/Hour, $110/Day, $330/Week, $990/Month

PTO Tiger 15KW Generator: $20/Hour, $100/Day, $330/Week, $990/Month

Wood Chipper: $30/Hour, $150/Day, $450/Week, $1,350/Month

3PT Auger:  $19/Hour, $95/Day, $285/Week, $855/Month
Pull Trailers/Storage Units
Dump Trailer 7x12, 12K GVW: $24/Hour, $120/Day, $360/Week, $1,080/Month

20' Car Hauler, 14,000lb: $21/Hour, $105/Day, $315/Week, $945/Month

10' Tiltdeck 8,000lb: $21/Hour, $105/Day, $315/Week, $945/Month

6x10 With Ramp Gate: $16/Hour, $80/Day, $240/Week, $720/Month

Cargo Container 8x8x20: $53/Week, $159/Month

Cargo Container 8x9x40: $105/Week, $315/Month
Tractor and Trailer With Driver: $126/Hour

Tractor and Trailer W/O Driver: $89/Hour, $445/Day, $1,335/Week, $4,005/Month

Flatbed Semi Trailer,Beaver Tail: $54/Hour, $270/Day, $810/Week, $2,430/Month

Dump Truck International 16yd: $89/Hour, $445/Day, $1,335/Week, $4,005/Month

Trash Truck: $42/Hour, $210/Day, $630/Week, $1,890/Month



Dump Trucks and Tractor Trailers
Light Towers and Welders

Light Towers: $26/Hour, $130/Day, $390/Week, $1,170/Month

300 AMP Welder: $18/Hour, $90/Day, $270/Week, $810/Month

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